The F.B.I. estimates that there are approximately 50 active serial killers in America at any given time. People get away with murder every day. Some murders we hear about and some are missing persons that will never be seen again. Not all serial killers make it to the media. Some individuals choose anonymity so they can keep killing. This is the life story of one such person.


     Evil by Nature is a disturbing look into the psyche of a very nice, likable guy that's a murderer. The story begins in the fifties. He gives an account of his life from childhood to present day. He recounts the good times, the bad times and the people that entered his life.  He also tells of the people that have left his life, sometimes not of their own volition.


     You'll read about his perfect life and the origin and inner workings of a young murderer who becomes an older, more accomplished serial killer.  He's a charming person that has an uncontrollable desire to see people die.


     At times as a child he experiments with death and just kills to see what happens. As a young boy he begins to plot murders, and that gives him great pleasure.  As a young adult he acquires a strange taste for the bizarre, though he doesn't see it that way. He sees things differently than most people.


      On the outside he was a normal and perfect child at home and in school, and stays that way into early adulthood. He had the same life as most kids. He worried about getting good grades, dating and making the ball team. He's a smart, likable guy that has a problem controlling the urge to kill.  He's a psychopath.  He knows right from wrong but can't stop himself. As a young adult his murders escalate and eventually, he begins leaving a strange calling card.


     He was never abused and has a loving family. It wasn't his upbringing that made him want to kill. He was born that way. He's not evil because of the way he was raised, he's evil by nature. You can't blame someone for having a birth defect.

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